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SGI Fusion ist vor s. o. das erste mal Online gestellt worden, in dieser Zeit wurde der SupportClub so wie die Deutsche Support Seite übernommen. Erfahre Mehr

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Inoffizielles DE Updatepack

PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 - DE (Update: v1.3) mit PHP 7.4.14

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PHP-Fusion v8 Entwicklung

Our Management Team has decided to appoint me, Richard Ainz, as Coordinator for the Development of the next major version of PHP-Fusion.
You all know me, I've been around for ages and know my way pretty well around this wonderful Community. I will work closely together with Christian Damsgaard Jørgensen, PMM, our Lead Developer, and his Team. Most of this work will take place at Link, which is currently being set up and organized for this purpose. That site will not be open for general support, but dedicated to discussions and announcements regarding the ongoing development.
* * *
If you feel you may be able to contribute in the development of version 8 with ideas, coding, themeing and other relevant tasks, feel free to bring your name via a Private Message to me or Christian, on this the UK Next site.


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