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To to let you know what's happening in the near future with the project.
This site is to get a new theme, it's currently being worked on and we'll post more info when it's nearer completion. This theme will be fully standardized and available for download from day one. We will not load it until it's already in downloads.

The Dev and Staff sites are going to be merged into one. This is primarily to maintain a clearer focus on what we're doing and where we're going. The ability to interact with the developers and post bug reports, etc will be retained.

We are going to continue on with v7 for the foreseeable future with upgrades including new facilities and features as well as an optimizing of the core code. If you have any suggestions or observations, you can log into dev and post your thoughts in the New Features forums; [v7.02 | v7.03].

We want the new upgrades to be community led, so join in the discussion regardless of your skill level and help us make PHP-Fusion the best damn CMS out there.


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