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DayZ - Patch 0.48 veröffentlicht

DayZ Standalone Update 0.48.124737 (Stable)
(802 MB)

• Player is unable to attack with any weapon in certain circumstances
• Character is freezed for a few seconds after throwing item in certain angle
• Several issues with melee hitting players are experiencing desync while next to each other
• Random throwing of items
• Ladders can't be used after hit by grenade explosion
• Player is stucked in building after reconnect
• Player cannot respawn properly when hes drowned
• When restrained in unconscious player stays in restrained state till he reconnects
• Character goes prone after using drink all action on canteen
• Random police car spawning doesn't work properly. Cars are not visible, loot is there though.

• Animations: Igniting fireplace
• Animations: Restrained sprint (run)
• Animations: Fishing (pull out, check, start)
• Animations: Searching for berries, digging
• Animations: Cow animation sets
• Crafting: You can craft leather sack
• Crafting: You can craft mosin wrap from burlap sack
• Crafting: You can add grass to burlap wrap
• Crafting: You can sharpen wooden sticks
• Crafting: You can combine sharpened sticks and feather to create an primitive arrow
• Crafting: Preparing chicken will now give you also some chicken feathers
• Crafting: You can saw mosin-nagant 9130 off
• Crafting: You can paint sawed-off mosin-nagant 9130
• Crafting: You can tear bandana mask into rags
• Crafting: You can attach and detach Smersh Backpack to Smersh Vest´
• Gear: Crafted leather sack
• Gear: Smersh Vest
• Gear: Smersh Backpack
• Gear: Sharpened Stick
• Gear: Chicken Feathers
• Gear: Primitive Arrow
• Gear: Added lifetime and persistence parameters
• Gear: Bow can now use primitive arrows
• Gear: Tank helmet
• Loot: Randomized police cars spawns (works but cars are not always visible - see known issues)
• Loot: Some guns spawn with ammo now
• Weapons: Sawed-off variant of mosin-nagant 9130
• World: Sinistok village is added.
• World: Vavilovo village is added.
• World: New WW2 monument has been added to Severograd town.
• World: Oak tree was replaced by new model.

• Animations: Slow and fast move with raised Bow in crouch
• Animations: Silence gesture crouch and prone polished
• Actions: Tearing bandana into rags produce only one rag now
• Actions: Highly increased chance for finding an apple
• Actions: Slightly increased chance for finding a berry
• Character: Moved position of collision shapes for standing and crouching poses with two-handed weapon
• Cooking: Highly reduced chance for getting food poisoning from burnt meat
• Crafting: Tracksuit pants can be mended with sewing kit
• Graphics: Textures for epinephrine and fire extinguisher improved
• Engine: First iteration of wall clipping fix
• Gear: Gorka pants takes four slots
• Loot: Heli-crashsites fixed
• Loot: Loot tables changed
• Loot: Rotten fruit and vegetables removed from loot spawns
• Weapons: Crossbow dispersion tweaked
• Weapons: CR 527 magazine cannot be repainted
• Weapons: Range for all melee weapons and fists tweaked
• Weapons: All melee weapons are set to use cursor for hit now
• Weapons: CR 527 magazine description edited
• Weapons: MP5 30Rnd magazine takes two vertical slots
• Weapons: Shotguns damage
• Weapons: Improvised bow dispersion tweaked

Quelle: DayZGame

2 neue Dörfer: Vavilovo & Sinistok - Mehr Bilder dazu: http://imgur.com/a/1DxEQ

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